SuSE Instructions

Miguel Angel Alvarez has kindly provided an updated kernel module source package for SuSE 9.0, as well as the following instructions for building the updated kernel module for a standard SuSE kernel. You should install both the km_submount package and the submount package (which only contains submountd) available on the Sourceforge project page.

You must install the kernel sources.
You can prepare your enviroment by executing the following commands: (as root)

cd /usr/src/linux
make cloneconfig
make dep

You must install the kernel module sources (km_submount-0.9-1SuSE9.i586.rpm in our case).
The kernel module will be under /usr/src/kernel-modules/subfs
Compile the kernel module and install it:

cd /usr/src/kernel-modules/subfs
make -f Makefile.module
make install Logo